3 Things to consider when purchasing a doggy portrait

doggy portraits for dog lovers
Purchasing a doggy portrait of your doggy or of a friends doggy is a very personal and special  gift and a forever keepsake to be handed down to generations.
Most stores are online these days. Many People don't leave the house to even buy groceries anymore.
So online stores have gotten very sophisticated technology, user friendly and very safe to shop.
buying on line is just easier when you have a very busy schedule and can't take the time to shop in person.
and now you have more choices,
shop in other states, other countries. 
The variety of options are endless.
 Shopping made easy without leaving the house.
Buying anything even a doggy portrait from us is easy, on line.
 Your dog doesn't have to pose for an in person doggy portrait. An accurate depiction and capturing his or her unique personality through photos  and or video is all we need for fabulous results.
We have Created this new store to be user friendly and a safe way to make purchases from us. So it is almost like being here in person.
1. We don't have to see your dog in person in order to paint a doggie portrait.  If you can send us good pictures through email or text. Even Skyping is an option.
If you do live in the Phoenix/Tucson area we could come to meet your dog and take photos or a video
2. We can send you photos of our progress and communicate by phone about various preferences.
3. If you are not fully satisfied with your pet portrait, we will modify it until it feels right or you or if necessary  have a full refund if not completely happy with your doggy portrait.