About Us

Once upon a time 29 years ago Elyse and Eric met, in Evanston Illinois. They weren't dog groomers in 1987.  Elyse and Eric became a couple after some time passed.  There backgrounds Were similar. They both had social work educations. Eric, always an artist, from a small child, attended art classes at the art institute of Chicago. And is highly educated with a Social Work masters-MSW, LCSW. Elyse a BA in Human Resources, and learned how to sew at the age of 12, and always very craftsy. Both Eric and Elyse very creative. The couple got too cold and too bored in their home state. They wanted to warm up and see the southwest. 
So they decided on Las Vegas, NV. That was good for a number of years until they got their first dog Sunny.  If you read our home page, you know sunny changed our lives forever. We eventually changed our career paths.  Long story short, here we are for almost 10 years in beautiful Tucson Arizona.
We have been in business in Tucson for 9 years as mobile dog groomers.
Our Services
Tucson/Marana AZ area
We deliver clean pups and premium quality dog food right to your door!!
We offer full service mobile dog grooming in our new Trailer.
baths, brush out, dog hair cuts, pawdicures, ear cleaning, teeth brushing.

Order our premium dog food and we will deliver it right to your door for free if you live in the Tucson-Marana-Phoenix Areas.
Send us a text or call us 520-661-4038