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Barky's Inn Dog Boarding

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At Barky's Inn, cage-free dog boarding, we are knee-deep in fur and loving it! 

There are so many benefits to board with Barky's Inn.  One very important benefit is our treatment of dogs. We don't believe your dog should get caged, that wouldn't be any fun for them. We think they are entitled to a real vacation just like there parents.  While they are here they will have friends, both furry and human.  They can play outside in our spacious yard.  They can get a walk. They are provided healthy and yummy dog food such as Fresh Pet.  They may have treats, such as No-Hide Chew bones.  There is no extra charge for the love and care we provide to your dog, in fact, our love is priceless.

We have cage-free Pet boarding.

Contact us to schedule boarding. 520-661-4038 or send us a text today!

Small dogs 40 pounds or under welcomed

 We are accepting all forms of payment. 

Boarding with us is like a home away from home for your precious pup.  

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